Christmas Fair Product Design & Development

The following is a project I had to complete for my Enterprise and Employability module last semester. The task was to design and create a product fit for selling at our annual on-campus Christmas Fair.


Pinterest Research


Inspiration from Pinterest


Texture Ideas

These are examples of my sketchbook pages, my main inspiration came from Pinterest and the idea to use porcelain clay in combination a texture was just an initial idea I had, as during the time of the project I was already experimenting with porcelain.


Detailed shots of pieces before firing

xmas trees

At the Fair

Overall, the pieces I made took less than 2 hours, not including time waiting for clay to dry, firing etc.

The pricing for the pieces was £6 each in combination with a 3 for £12 offer.

I believe they were as popular as I expected them to be, with comments such as “They look like sugar cookies” by more than one person. I think the product being stark white with a contrasting black design made them more visually appealing and eye-catching with our dark blue table cloth. Although, the process of making them could have gone a little better, I believe I should have made double the amount in order to avoid having to sell products with tiny issues, such as a lopsided branch or a hairline crack which developed in the kiln. But that aside, I was happy with how a majority turned out, over half were sold.


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